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Basic information



Environmental Association Pan – Karlova (abbreviated Eco Pan) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit association whose mission is to educate about ecology, nature conservation and environmental protection, the promotion of sustainable development and the organization of and participation in environmental protection in the Karlovac County. Ecological section Pan SKUC’s Brothers Radic established in 1998. year, on 22 February 2002. The decision of the members started working as an independent organization called the Ecological Society Pan – Karlovac.


Education about ecology, nature and the environment and promoting sustainable development principles through various forms of environmental activism.


  • Education about ecology, nature conservation and environmental protection and sustainable development through workshops, lectures, seminars, professional conferences, trade fairs and forums, and preparation and printing of brochures and publications in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Promoting the protection of nature and environment and sustainable development principles through implementation of various projects and programs, and encouraging individuals and corporations to the rational use of non-renewable energy sources also through workshops, lectures, public meetings, organizing exhibitions, theater productions and performances, fairs, collecting donations and printing of publications and release records in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia
  • Organization of and participation in the protection of nature and environment in Croatia
  • Organizing peaceful demonstrations and public gatherings
  • Filing petitions, petitions, letters
  • Taking legal measures envisaged by the competent departments and bodies for the protection of environment and nature
  • Printing and sharing or selling flyers, brochures, newsletters, books, badges, posters and other promotional materials in order to improve the work of the association in accordance with special regulations
  • Connecting and networking and collaboration with organizations of similar or the same orientation in Croatia as well as in the world, and together with the bodies of local and regional authorities and state institutions
  • Collecting, processing and distribution of information
  • Promote and encourage volunteering