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Implemented projects


 01/03/2011 – 31/04/2012 – Karlovac River Management and Preservation, European Commission – IPA
Eco Pan was the applicant and the Town of Karlovac project partner. The objective of the project was to the design of the Strategy of sustainable Karlovac rivers management. One of the preconditions for the Strategy design is initiating dialogue between different sectors: public, civil and private. Inter-sectoral cooperation is very poor, which is the reason that we are often witness planning and implementation of programmes and projects that present a threat to each other. The issue of water management is especially sensitive, thus it is extremely important to gather the representatives of different sectors for them to jointly define priority guidelines for the development of our rivers. The project objective was to design, based on the opinions and vision of experts as well as citizens, a sustainable and feasible Strategy for the management and preservation of rivers in the area of the Town of Karlovac.
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01/12/2009 – 31/02/2010 – Strengthening public participation in Karlovačka Region – Independet Institute for Environmental Issues
Objectives and results of the project were: Eco Pan has waged public education campaign about the basic provisions of the Right of Access to Information Act and the Aarhus Convention and the principles adopted by Croatia as well as possible sanctions for non compliance provisions. Within this 3-months project Eco Pan has conducted survey in 40 institutions and bodies of local government in Karlovacka County. Results of the questionnaire confirmed that the practise of the public sector of provding information is insufficient. Based on these results, there was a round table for representatives of public authorities, during which an analysis of the results obtained and all participants are educated about the rights and obligations arising out of the right of access to information and the Aarhus Convention.

01/06/2007 – 31/05/2008 – Spreading the Green phone service in SEE region, Regional Environmental Centre (REC)
Eco Pan through this project had several objectives:

  • to empower environmental CSOs by developing skills in lobbying, advocacy, supporting public participation, developing successful means of communication with citizens, local authorities, inspections, business sector and media
  • to transfer of know-how of Green phone service  by setting up 2 Green phone offices in Bosnia and Hercegovina and 2 in Serbia
  • to initiate and support the establishment of Green phone network in each country
  • to promote GPS in region.

With partners in the project – Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina and Nature Conversation Movement, Serbia and Environmental Association Bura Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina succeeded to set up 2 Green phone services in Bosnia and 2 Green phone services in Serbia, print Educational handbook for new GPS in the Region, conduct several training for new GPS including study tour in Osijek and organize 2 small environmental campaigns in Serbia.